PLAY with CLAY class

Come and experience the Ceramic process.
Make specific project or make whatever you like beads, medallions, a special gift, game pieces etc.

This Ceramic class requires 2-4 ssessions and is suitable for kids 6 years of age, adults, small groups and makes a great birthday party idea!

MAKE a wobbly head monster
MAKE a coiled pot

MAKE finger puppets

How This Class Works.
Your first studio visit you will receive enough clay to make your project.
Once made, you leave your creation with me so it can dry. 
Your second studio visit is for you to clean and paint your creation.
Once completed, you will leave it with me so I fire it in my kiln.
Once fired, your option is to either comeback for a third visit to glaze your creation which means you paint it with 2 coats of a crushed glass solution and leave it with me so I can fire it a second time in my kiln or I will do this step for you.
Once your creation is fired the second time, and this process may take a week or two, I will be in touch and let you know if they have survived, because (rarely) sometimes things break in the kiln, and arrange for your Ceramic Creations to be collected.

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