PAINT ceramics of your choice, class

These Ceramic classes are suitable for kids, adults and small groups.

Check out the students gallery tab for inspirational ideas. 

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How This Class Works.
Clean your Bisqued (clay that has been fired once) with a damp sponge to remove any dust. You can draw a design on them if you like but don't worry as the pencil will burn off in the kiln process. Then using the water based special formulated "Underglazes" paint your ceramic bowl.  Once finished, you leave your designer bowl with me.
After a couple of days, allowing for your painted ceramics to thoroughly dry, I will give it two coats of a clear glaze which is crushed glass suspended in water.  This will give your creations that shiny smooth finish after it comes out of the kiln from its second firing and make the colours really vibrant!

Once your ceramic is fired, and this process may take a week or two, I will be in touch and let you know if it has survived, because (rarely) sometimes things break in the kiln, and arrange for your Ceramic Creations to be collected.


"Class 1 was my first attempt at bead painting, although not perfect, they are colourful and bright and I'm still proud that I made them!   Jen was so helpful and I had so much fun that I signed up to do more classes straight away."  Deb Mc
"Class number 2 was making the "big" necklace, again so much fun  and my painting ability has improved.   
I constantly get complimented on this necklace. 
Since I'm having so much fun, I've already decided on my next project to undertake!"  Deb Mc

from Hannah's mum
Hannah [age 2] had a good time and the photos showed!

"The kids really enjoyed their class this morning Jen! Thank you!" Caly McD 

 "Eating dinner on his own personally designed plate.  Very excited.   
Thanks Jen Greeneklee he loves it. Makes dinner time more fun!"  Michelle C

    "... thank you for giving Maddy the opportunity to paint on a plate.  
    She loved it and I love her plate ... " Emma L

    [Kids eating off their plates painted in class] Emma B

    "It looks fantastic! I'm so pleased :)" Rachel C

    "We had a super time!! Thank you so much x" Dani T

    "The kids really enjoyed this morning. 
     They were talking about doing more painting and 
    what they would eat off their plates first! " Cath D

    24cm child plates, perhaps to temp fussy eaters

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