MAKE Lampwork Beads

What could be more satisfying than not only creating your own jewellery, but MAKING your own Lampwork Beads!!! 
Making Lampwork Beads.

This class is mainly for one student at a time and is suitable for 12 years old to adults or younger if you are comfortable sitting with a gas flame!  However it may be shared with a friend.

How This Class Works.
After demonstrating how to make a round bead, then it is your turn in front of the gas flame to make a bead.  
Then once made, you will place your bead in the vermiculite for it to slowly cool.  

This process will be repeated until such time that your beads will be cool enough so I can show you how they are cleaned.

Once cleaned, you may take them home, admire your handy work and use the beads as you wish.

This price includes tuition and all materials for you to make your first Glass Beads!
1-2 students, kids or adults ... $65

I did two lessons with Jen and I have to say they were great. Jen was very professional and guided me to create my own pieces with unpressured assurance.  My favourite bead ever is still the encased flowers we did in lesson two.  Can only highly recommend the classes and seeing her own stock on display was a wonderful encouragement.  from Anna H

"I really loved it" Naomi C. 

"Thanks Jen, this was a very inspiring session, 
Can't wait to get some gear and have a good crack at it.
 Am feeling how much I don't know though!!"  Olwyn F  

I have taken several lampwork bead making lessons with Jen, who is a patient tutor.  Totally fascinating to progress slowly towards making an interesting bead. At first lesson I managed only to wind a few coloured beads on the mandrel, but have since progressed to incorporate different colours and designs into the bead, resulting in a more sophisticated appearance. I can't wait for my next lesson. from Lynette A

Jen is a great teacher. She is very patient and helped me a lot with my school project by teacher who can make amazing things.  from Alice M, age 12 

Jen, it has been so amazing being taught by you. You have supported me so much throughout my project and have been a great mentor.  Thank you so much for answering all my questions and for teaching me how to make her beads. Her artwork is very unique, creative and she is a very good teal definitely be coming back soon to make some more glass beads. You have been so helpful and I have recommended you to all my friends who have shown some interest.  Thanks.  from Isabella M. age 12

I had a great time at my bead making class.
Jen is a patient instructor and helped to make me feel comfortable and
confident to have a go at this totally new style of art.
I can't wait to put what I've learnt into practice. Thanks.  from Tanya A

Thanks for the lesson today really enjoyed it, I am looking forward to booking the next one. from Anita